This campaign has been brought together by a collaboration of vets and farmers across the UK sheep industry as we all work together to maintain healthy feet in our sheep, for the benefit of flock welfare, farmer wellbeing and overall farm sustainability.

Lameness in a flock of sheep means pain for the sheep, distress and cost to the farmer and its control is responsible for the majority of sheep sector antibiotic use.

We have outlined simple steps we can all take to ensure #Healthy Feet Happy Sheep - in two top sections for sheep farmers and two sections below for vets.

Click here for our short and our long #HealthyFeetHappySheep films starring well known sheep vets Phillipa Page and Joe Angell & sheep farmers, Carys Jones, Euros Roberts and the very famous Gareth Wyn Jones!

For Farmers

For Vets

As chair of SAGG, Fiona Lovatt would like to thank all the individuals who have worked with us on this campaign so far - particularly Phillipa Page, Joe Angell, Liz Nabb, Rachel Clifton, Chris Bambrough, Lis King, Beverley Taylor, Eleanor Rawson, Heather McCalman, Geraint Francis, Scarlett MacFarlane, Euros Roberts, Carys Jones and Gareth Wyn Jones,

Thank you to all the organisations who are partnering in this campaign


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