Vets' Toolkit for flock visits

This Toolkit has been prepared for busy vets undertaking a Healthy Feet flock visit - we recommend that you print it back to back with two pages per side to make a single fold leaflet to take on farm.

‘Stop, Look, Listen’ are essential - take time to look around, speak with the farmer and understand the current ‘What, Why & How’ for this flock.

Significant evidence supports the importance of the timely & effective treatment of clinical cases. However, preventing cases occurring in the first place is the ultimate aim.

Coaching around all areas of the Five Point Plan gives structure & ensures careful application of Plan Prevent Protect principles

Suggestions for getting on farm & undertaking vet visit -

  • Incorporate into TB visit or within legal prescribing visit.
  • Encourage farmers to access Animal Health & Welfare Pathway or Sustainable Farming Schemes to fund flock health reviews.
  • Have a practice ‘Lameness Amnesty’ or a ‘HealthyFeet week’.
  • Train receptionists to book in HealthyFeet vet visits.
  • Encourage farmer peer support by sharing photos & top tips via WhatsApp groups.
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