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The Benefits of Flock Health Clubs

Flock Health Clubs are being established across the country by sheep vets. These vet-facilitated sheep farmer business groups offer many benefits:

  • Improved relationship between the vet and their sheep farmers
  • Greater involvement of the vet with those flocks
  • Farmers receive cost-effective veterinary advice
  • Monthly club subscriptions provide a steady income


There’s no need to run a Flock Health Club alone.
There’s no need to spend hours preparing to run a Flock Health Club meeting.
Our sheep vets at Flock Health Ltd are here to help.


Flock Health CPD Events for Vets

We help sheep vets stay abreast of best practice in flock health management, and equip them to run their Flock Health Clubs by:

  • Summarising the latest research on topical issues e.g. antimicrobial usage
  • Sharing practical tips on how to run a cost-effective club

Upcoming events

  1. ‘Invigorate your Flock Health Club’ (Caersws, Wednesday 16th August)
    This CPD afternoon is suitable for all vets seeking to engage their sheep farmers; it contains a technical session on ‘What does responsible antibiotic use look like for sheep vets?

For more information and to book your place on a CPD event please CLICK HERE.


Resources for Vets to use at their Flock Health Clubs

We help sheep vets prepare to run an effective meeting with their farmers in significantly less time by:

  • Producing finished presentations that explain best practice to farmers
  • Briefing vets on how to prepare for the meeting and deliver the material

Selection of the Meetings Packs available now:

  1. Getting lambs to grow - #grass growth, #worm control
  2. Can you afford to have lame sheep? – Causes, Control and Costs of lameness
  3. Are your rams up to the job? - #getting ready for tupping (Coming soon)
  4. Introducing farmers to the concept of a Flock Health Club

To view a full list of meeting resources, all available on a pay as you go basis, and order a pack, please CLICK HERE.
To watch one of the meeting briefings on the WVA website, please CLICK HERE


If you would like to hear of future CPD events and new meeting resources please CLICK HERE and take two minutes to let us know.
(You will also be eligible for a free meeting resource pack on coccidiosis).


If you have any other queries about how Flock Health Ltd can support you in engaging with your sheep farmers (including running a Flock Health Club) then please contact us on office@flockhealth.co.uk.


Testimonials from some of the pilot Flock Health Clubs -

“I’m amazed at how much we have learnt tonight. I had no idea there was so much that I didn’t know” Shropshire sheep farmer

"When I attended my first Flock Health CPD event a year ago I thought we would never get Yorkshire farmers to pay to be part of a Flock Health Club but I’ve been proved wrong – we have been amazed at how popular our Flock Health Club is” Neil Roberts, Dalehead Veterinary Group, Settle

“The best thing from our Flock Health Club has been to see sheep farmers working together comparing their basic flock data and highlighting areas for improvement” Will Barker, Castle Veterinary Surgeons

“We’ve not had this many farmers to a dairy meeting before!” Charlie Lambert, LLM Farm Vets

“The enthusiasm of our sheep clients for a Flock Health Club was really inspiring to see. At the end of the year the members were unanimous in their wish to keep the group going” Dan Stevenson, LLM Farm Vets

Articles relating to the concept and implementation of Flock Health Clubs in veterinary and farming media -


With thanks to Bayer Animal Health for supporting the availability of the Coccidiosis - Risk Assessments & Targeted Control resources

With thanks to these organisations for their support of the 2016 and 2017 events: