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Flock Health Ltd is a sheep veterinary consultancy that works directly with sheep farmers, veterinary surgeons, veterinary students, retailers, abattoirs & the pharmaceutical industry

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We recently held Sheep Antibiotic Guardian Group Sheep Veterinary Society Farm Vet Champion CPD - for vets who want to hear from other sheep vets as to what they are doing this lambing time with respect to ensuring their sheep farmers receive good advice and appropriate medicines at lambing time - access recording here

Healthy Feet Happy Sheep - Image

Healthy Feet Happy Sheep

We have been working with the Sheep Antibiotic Guardian Group and the Farm Vet Champion sheep ambassadors to pull together a huge cross-industry collaboration aiming to keep sheep feet healthy and reduce lameness levels




Flock Health helps sheep vets run effective meetings by providing finished presentations that explain best practice to farmers, and briefing vets on how to prepare for the meeting and deliver the material.

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Farm Vet Champions

We are delighted to be working RCVS Knowledge in this new initiative for all farm vets  - we encourage you to find out more by going to rcvsknowledge.org/fvc


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