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Flock Health Ltd are leading experts in delivering practical teaching to vets, farmers, agricultural merchants, SQPs and other representatives from the sheep industry.

We arrange and deliver workshops, seminars or lecture-based training on farm or in conference centre, hotel or village hall settings. We specialise in hands-on practical training in the field or barn and can cater for small or large groups for an evening meeting, one day events or whole roadshows.

We have both attended organised events and arranged our own across England, Wales, Scotland and all of Ireland. Further afield that we have contributed to events in Germany, Canada and New Zealand.

Some of our recent talks have been entitled:

(Meeting Resource Packs are available for all the topics that are marked with an asterisk. To find out more please CLICK HERE.)

  • Lambing Success - Responsible Use of Antibiotics at Lambing Time (***)
  • Beware - Don't get hit with a hidden Disease! The truth behind MV, OPA, Johnes & CLA
  • Invigorate your Flock Health Club
  • What does responsible antimicrobial use look like for sheep vets?
  • Engaging Sheep Farmers in the Future of Worm Control
  • What are the opportunities for practitioners to influence worm control?
  • Getting Lambs to grow #grass-growth #worm-control (***)
  • What contributes to a successful sheep enterprise?
  • Iceberg Diseases of Sheep
  • Liver Fluke Control in Sheep
  • What can an organic farmer do to protect against liver fluke?
  • Causes, Costs and Control of sheep lameness (***)
  • A update on the treatment and control of foot rot and CODD in sheep
  • Sheep Lameness – What are the Costs & Should we be Trimming?
  • Ram Fertility - what to expect & how to measure it
  • Are your rams up to the job? #getting-ready-for-tupping (***)
  • Sheep Abortion
  • Lambing Time - Focus on colostrum quality & watery mouth prevention (***)
  • Reducing Lamb Losses #every-lamb-counts (***)
  • Getting lambs off to the best start (***)
  • Flock Health Planning – The Challenges of Planned Advice vs a Fire Brigade Service
  • How to Get the Most Value for Your Health Dollars
  • UK Perspective on Targeted Anthelmintic Treatment Programs
  • Coccidiosis – Risk Assessments & Targeted Control (***)
  • Welfare Assessment on Sheep Farms
  • Preparation for lambing time
  • Fluke, Schmallenberg & Scab
  • Respiratory Diseases of Sheep

Teaching veterinary students

Fiona Lovatt has been involved with sheep teaching at the University of Nottingham veterinary school since 2006 and has held the role of Clinical Associate Professor in Sheep Production Medicine since August 2013.

She has developed sheep lectures & seminars within the Animal Health & Welfare, Reproduction, Respiratory, Musculo-Skeletal and Neurology modules as well as developed case studies and self-study sessions for undergraduates.

She runs a sheep flock health seminar by teleconference on a fortnightly basis for final year students as well as accompanies students on to sheep farms for advisory flock health visits.

She has also developed and delivered a one day course entitled ‘Sheep Flock Health’ to farm animal elective final year students at the Royal Veterinary College and has contributed to the farm animal elective at the Universities of Liverpool and Bristol.