Flock Health Clubs

Sheep Antibiotic Guardian Group and Sheep Veterinary Society Farm Vet Champion online CPD

December 5th 2022 at 730pm - access recording here

Join us for this discussion with sheep vets as to what different practices are doing to ensure their sheep farmers are provided with both good advice & appropriate medicines in time for lambing.


What are Flock Health Clubs? - Image

What are Flock Health Clubs?

What's New in Flock Health? - Image

What's New in Flock Health?

Why Flock Health Clubs? - Image

Why Flock Health Clubs?

Resources for your meeting - Image

Resources for your meeting

What do other vets say about Flock Health Clubs?

"Flock health clubs were also an environment considered valuable in knowledge transfer and communication between farmers and veterinarians.These clubs provided ample opportunity for building farmer-veterinarian relationships, which resulted in more opportunities for veterinarians to work proactively with farmers"  Best, C. et al (2021) PLoSONE 16(2):e0246798. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0246798


    "Just wanted to say, having locumed round the country, the penetration of Flock Health Clubs is massive! Everyone has heard of it and most vets seemed to be signed up and using it. Credit to you guys!"

    - Jenny Hull, Veterinary Surgeon & BCVA Board Member

    "When I attended my first Flock Health CPD event a year ago I thought we would never get Yorkshire farmers to pay to be part of a Flock Health Club but I’ve been proved wrong – we have been amazed at how popular our Flock Health Club is."

    - Neil Roberts, Dalehead Veterinary Group, Settle

    "The enthusiasm of our sheep clients for a Flock Health Club was really inspiring to see. At the end of the year the members were unanimous in their wish to keep the group going."

    - Dan Stevenson, LLM Farm Vets

    "The best thing from our Flock Health Club has been to see sheep farmers working together comparing their basic flock data and highlighting areas for improvement."

    - Will Barker, Castle Veterinary Surgeons

    "We’ve not had this many farmers to a dairy meeting before!"

    - Charlie Lambert, LLM Farm Vets

    "I’m amazed at how much we have learnt tonight. I had no idea there was so much that I didn’t know."

    - Sheep Farmer, Shropshire

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